What does Kobold Charakteranimation do?

CINEMA 4D Plug-ins: Your character creator for CINEMA 4D! We develop plug-ins for CINEMA 4D that make professional design and animation of high resolution human characters 2uite easy. We want to provide story tellers with the right tools to focus on their creativity- telling stories - rather than the technology behind it. However, we offer more C4D plug-ins and 3D models, so browse our store to find out more.

3D Product Visualization & more: We have experience with 3D logos, 3D Text, Website Design & Implementation, Product Visualization, Packaging, Texturing, Rigging and animating animals & more. Check out our portfolio for more information.

December, 2015: Check out the video of the User Story described in our banner & find this cool interview inside our latest newsletter.

February, 2015: Official C4D Training Center in Austria now uses our plugin "KCA - MoCap Kinect v2 Basic"

January, 2015: Official C4D Training Center in Germany now uses our plugin "KCA - MoCap Kinect v2 Basic"

Digital Art School
an Augenpulver Company

You can acquire our plug-ins, 3D Models and services via paypal.

Bank Transfer
Alternatively, you can acquire our plugins, 3D Models & services by transfering the money to our bank account. In this case, please fill out the contact form and request a quote.